This Week in Indie Publishing

Kobo Writing Life is a Boon for Indie Authors

Kobo Writing Life is the self-publishing arm of Kobo and it launched in 2012. The e-books that authors submit are stacked side by side with titles from major publishers. Mark Lefebvre the Director of Self-Publishing & Author Relations sat down with Good e-Reader to give a status update and to let authors know some of the exciting things that are happening.

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Use These Secrets To Sell Your Book Idea To Publishers

It’s actually no secret that authoring a book on your subject of expertise lends unmatched credibility. And self-publishing and digital publishing are making authorship increasingly common, which makes it harder to stand out from the crowd. Thus, there’s more compelling reason than ever before to attract a top publisher if you possibly can. Here’s how entrepreneurs are using PR to attract them.

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How Self-Publishing Saved Me From Myself

I struggled to get out of bed in the morning; I hated leaving our apartment on my own; I was as terrified of writing as I was of not writing. On the rare occasions when I did write, I sat in candlelight, music blaring through my headphones.

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Book business: Boom or bust?

Once an idyllic pastime and the hallmark of intellect, the habit of reading has seen a decline with the advent of social media. But bookstores are turning a new leaf by adapting to the change.

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Spirited Away: the Life of the Ghostwriter

The year was 1986, and Barbara Feinman Todd was a writer in disguise. Her mission? To crash a party— the 45th wedding anniversary of the director of the CIA, being held at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. No press was allowed, but it was her job to find out who the guests were.

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