Writing Esoterica – Guest Post by, Jaq D Hawkins…

Check out this guest post by Jaq D. Hawkins on writing esoterica from The Story Reading Ape Blog

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A lot of articles about writing for the indie market focus on fiction, but there is a substantial amount of non-fiction writing that has found its niche in today’s markets as well.

‘Niche’ could be the operative word here. I started out my writing career writing non-fiction books for the Mind, Body, Spirit market. In other words, Esoterica: books about magic and occult subjects.

They say “Write what you know” and this had been a lifelong interest, so after publishing in esoteric magazines for a few years, my first book was about chaos magic and placed with a speciality publisher. This was naturally followed by others with similar subject matter. Twenty years later, the driving force behind the publishing company died and I made the decision to publish this material in the indie market.

Non-fiction books can cover a vast array of subject matter. How-to books, biographies, special interests in…

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