3 More NetGalley Mystery-Thriller Wins

Check out these highly rated books available for free through Net Galley as featured on the Word Dreams blog

Here are three more great books available (for free) through NetGalley:

  1. Testimony — from the king of courtroom drama, this one is a little different.
  2. Hunting Hour — a working dog makes all the difference in saving the life of a kidnapped girl
  3. Man Overboard— how does a hacker convince a man who has everything to commit suicide. It’s about cyberbullying.


by Scott Turow

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In Scott Turow’s latest novel, Testimony (Grand Central Publishing 2017), Bill ten Boom retires from not only his law practice where he is a partner in a white collar crime firm, but gets divorced from his wife and children and moves across the planet. His new job with the International Court of Justice will be bringing criminals of high crimes to justice. In this case, it’s the alleged murder of an entire Roma town of about 300 people…

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