Not a real time review of The Vanishing Lord, book 2 in the PorterGirl series by Lucy Brazier. 

Check out this review of The Vanishing Lord, by Lucy Brazier, as featured on Dan Alatorre’s blog. I’m reading the first book in the series right now and it is very enjoyable.

Dan Alatorre

This book is a blast!
When I read First Lady of the Keys, the first book in Lucy Brazier’s PorterGirl series, I was really impressed with how good the story was. It had humor and action and lots and lots of mystery and suspense. It was fast paced…
It was about as well done as a book can be, and I wanted everybody to know that’s how I felt about it.
And it’s very difficult for a second book to top a first book. Most don’t even come close.
So did The Vanishing Lord impress me?
Yep. Loved it.
The second book maintains the characters and the fun and the sense of adventure found in the first book perfectly.

It’s so good, when you read “The End” you’re disappointed it’s over. 

People will want to read every single book in the series.
I know I do.
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