How to Unpublish from Smashwords – Guest Post by, Toni Pike…

Check out this helpful guest post from Toni Pike on how to unpublish from Smashwords from The Story Reading Ape Blog

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A friend recently convinced me that I should try the KDP Select program, which involves listing my eBooks exclusively on Amazon for at least ninety days. For the last eighteen months, they have also been listed on Smashwords, including the Premium Catalogue. That means they were distributed to dozens of outlets around the world, including Kobo, iBooks and Barnes & Noble, and I was very grateful for their service and the opportunity to gain access to those markets.

I felt both reluctant and nervous about the thought of “unpublishing” from Smashwords after having invested so much time and energy in listing them there. But after a month of meagre sales from those outlets and much soul-searching, I decided that perhaps KDP Select was worth a try.

Before enrolling in that program, it was essential for me to ensure that no digital versions of my books were available elsewhere. Here are…

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