Where Do Creative Ideas Come From?

Check out this insightful post from the Painting With Light blog on the origin of creative ideas.

Painting With Light

Okay, you say, I’ll bite … where do great ideas come from?

The answer might surprise you.

In Paul McCartney’s biography, he shared this secret: “… John often had just the first verse which was always enough. It was the direction … the signpost … the inspiration for the whole song. I hate the word, but it was the template.”

In other words, the most successful rock band in history, The Beatles, used a formula to create blockbuster songs. They’re not the only ones. Many artists, songwriters and authors … yes, authors, use templates of some form.

For instance, Agatha Christie, one of the best-selling authors ever, wrote over 60 novels by using a template to help structure her thinking in a way that made her more creative.

We tend to think of inventors like this as another species … geniuses … who have sudden flashes of…

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