Truths Unseen — Closure

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Happy weekend everyone.  Happy Canada Day.  Happy Forth of July weekend. 

I know you aren’t used to me making back-to-back posts, so I have disabled comments on this one. Instead, for those of you who haven’t seen yesterday’s post, I’m linking to theprevious character study in Truths Unseen

Girl Truths Unseen 1Steinar Engeland, Unsplash

You are not mistaken.  I’m leaving Truths Unseen well… unseen.  From the beginning, I warned everyone that I might not be able to finish.  Then I said I probably wouldn’t complete it. Now I officially throw in the towel.  I’m definitely not able to finish telling that story.

There is one reason I’ve felt compelled to tell this story.  You didn’t see any hints of it in the 1930s “character studies” I shared. The reason would have gradually been revealed when Mattie’s daughter took a central part in the story.  

The reason it was important to try…

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