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Use These Secrets To Sell Your Book Idea To Publishers

It’s actually no secret that authoring a book on your subject of expertise lends unmatched credibility. And self-publishing and digital publishing are making authorship increasingly common, which makes it harder to stand out from the crowd. Thus, there’s more compelling reason than ever before to attract a top publisher if you possibly can. Here’s how entrepreneurs are using PR to attract them.

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Relaxed woman reading a book in her bed.

How Self-Publishing Saved Me From Myself

In 2012, I was in a dark place. I struggled to get out of bed in the morning; I hated leaving our apartment on my own; I was as terrified of writing as I was of not writing. On the rare occasions when I did write, I sat in candlelight, music blaring through my headphones.

I usually gave up on these writing sessions. I’d declare them a waste of time, wondering why I even bothered. Why did I have to be a writer? Why couldn’t I dream of being something less creative, like an accountant? What was the point in being a writer if everything I wrote sucked?

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Learn how sky-rocket your manuscript by self-publishing

Self-publishing a novel has the potential to sky-rocket an author to success – but only if it’s done well.

It used to be every aspiring author’s dream to have their work published by a traditional publishing company.

But not any more.

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A tiny Indian publisher is translating hidden gems of world literature for global readers

The mission statement of Seagull Books says it all: This is not your usual Indian publisher.

Founded in 1982, the Kolkata-based company publishes everything from literary fiction and poetry to philosophy and even cultural anthropology. But these books aren’t what you’d find on the catalogues of publishing giants such as HarperCollins or Penguin Random House. At Seagull Books, the focus is on translated writing from around the world, much of which has never before appeared in English, in India or anywhere else.

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Anastacia-Reneé Is Doing Something Almost No Writers Do: Publishing Three Books in One Year

You know what makes Anastacia-Reneé shake her head and stare off into the middle distance? The game.

“If you’re a little over 30, you grew up in the game,” she tells me over a Pimm’s Cup and a bowl of pretty good olives at Cafe Presse. “From the moment you got your MFA and your first Facebook, the moment you started tumbling and tweeting, you’ve been in the game.”

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