The Power of Fiction: A Guest Post by Taryn Leigh, Author of Perfect Imperfections

Check out the book, Perfect Imperfections, by Taryn Leigh, as featured on Linda’s Book Bag blog

Linda's Book Bag

perfect imperfections

It’s an absolute pleasure to welcome Taryn Leigh, author of Perfect Imperfections to Linda’s Book Bag today. Like me, Taryn is convinced about the importance of books in people’s lives and she’s here to persuade us all about the importance of fiction.

Published by Olympia in e-book and paperback, Perfect Imperfections is available for purchase here.

Perfect Imperfections

perfect imperfections

Sarah Lewis desires nothing more than to begin again after a failed marriage and a tragedy so terrifying, it forces her to leave her life in London to stay with her best friend a world apart in South Africa.

Despite immediate success in her business, she struggles to understand who she really is and where she belongs in the world. So begins a journey of discovery as Sarah re-unites with Katy in the land where she was born, where the air is lavender scented, and weekends are spent cycling on the…

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