Publishing News – 2017 Smashwords Survey Helps Authors Sell More eBooks by Mark Coker

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My books are on Smashwords which I am sure most of yours are too.  I probably don’t focus as much on promoting that as I should do and one of the plans this summer (I use the term loosely) is to get into both Goodreads and Smashwords in a more efficient way. Without giving away any spoilers… it looks like Romance Writers have a way with words!

Anyway David who keeps an eye on Publishing trends and updates sent me the link for the most recent survey conducted by Mark Coker, Founder of Smashwords.

Here is what you will find in the 2017 Smashwords Survey

  • What are the top fiction and non-fiction categories?
  • What romance categories perform the best?
  • How do box sets perform, and which types of box set perform the best?
  • Do authors who release ebooks as preorders sell more books overall?
  • How do preorder adoption rates differ…

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