Historical Saturday Review: “Brotherly Love” by Lorna Peel

Check out this review of the book, Brotherly Love, by Lorna Peel, from Writer Christoph Fischer’s blog.


brotherly_love_ebook-1600x2400I’ve recently reviewed Lora Peel’s “Into the Unknown” and had to read more of her.
“Brotherly Love” picks a very interesting subject of 19th century Irish culture: What is a widow to do when people hail her late husband as champion. Rivalries, family animosities, secrets and lies all interfer wth the life of our heroine, who first and foremost, feels happy to be free of an opressing mother-in-law.
The answer to her romantic life could be Michael, a newcomer to town, but one that is not looked upon with approval by everyone involved.
I enjoyed the complex situation and how the author portrayed and handled it. The characters are well drawn and the dialogue and the descriptions are apt.
Given that I don’t often like historical romance as opposed to historical fiction, I am especially impressed with this.


Lorna Peel is an author of contemporary and historical…

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