New Weekly Feature: Ask Dan Anything!

Here is a new weekly feature from Dan Alatorre’s blog

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

dan your humble host I’m not sure that exclamation mark in the title was necessary, but I’m VERY excited about this new segment.

Ask Dan Anything!

Yeah, the exclamation mark kinda works. For now, while it’s new. I may drop it after a few weeks.

Anyway, here’s the deal:

Each week we’ll take five, maybe ten, of YOUR writerly questions and set about answering them for you. When this post appears, get your questions in QUICKLY via the “comments” section below.

Simple enough, right?

Well, maybe.

See, a lot of you don’t know what you don’t know, and some of you know things others don’t; so the idea is for you – and I mean YOU – to just ASK the questions you have and let’s get the ball rolling. I’ll opine; maybe some others chime in with their thoughts, and hopefully YOU will get several good solutions to choose from.

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3 thoughts on “New Weekly Feature: Ask Dan Anything!

  1. Hello, i started my blog as part of-of my Healing. Help with expressing myself and maybe share what I have learnt in self-healing your blog is amazing .I am trying to keep up so many things to learn do you think I should continue or do something else.Many Thanks Kelly

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