Why I Love YA #guestpost by @Karen_King

Check out this guest post by author Karen King on the Portobello Book Blog. Her topic his her love for YA.

Portobello Book Blog

Karen King

I have to admit that I don’t read many Young Adult books although looking at some of those mentioned in this post, maybe I read more than I think. So I’m pleased to welcome Karen King today who is talking about why she loves Young Adult fiction and tells us a bit about her own young adult novels. You’ll find lots more information about Karen at the end of the post along with social media and buying links.

Why I love YA

I love YA books. For those of you not familiar with the term, YA stands for Young Adult. These books are roughly aimed at 12-17 year olds, although many adults read them so they are often called ‘crossover’ books. Over the past decade or so YA has been increasingly popular, and I’m not surprised as they tackle some very gritty issues but in a more easily digestible way…

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