#Bookreview Cowboy- The Shadow Keepers series #3 by @JasTWard #Paranormal #Romance

Check out the book, Cowboy, by Jas T. Ward, as featured on the Rosie Amber blog

Rosie Amber

COWBOY (The Shadow-Keepers Series #5)COWBOY by Jas T. Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cowboy is book #3 in the Shadow-keepers (paranormal) series of books. It opens in The Old West during 1869. We meet William Jess Bailey, and learn about his early years of hardship in a frontier town. Jess is described as having a split personality; an invisible friend lives inside his head, whom he names Sundown.

As a young man, Jess joins a gang of thieves, and a large reward is offered for his capture, which a deadly bounty hunter seeks to collect.

The book then leaps forward 200 years, to modern day San Francisco, where we meet Detective Beth Daniels who is investigating a series of murders. Jess, we discover, was saved from the horrors of death by Bounce, a warrior who fights against rogue demons. Jess is granted immortality; in return he must join a group called The…

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