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Check out the book, The Wedding Promise, by Emma Hannigan, as featured on the Portobello Book Blog

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The Wedding Promise by [Hannigan, Emma]

The Wedding Promise is a lovely story which follows Shelly and her family as she renovates a villa in Spain, a place she and her husband Gerry have always loved. Shelly moves to Spain at a time when there is so much going on in her family: her daughter Leila has just had a baby, her son Jake is having problems in his work and personal life and Shelly herself is dealing with a huge shock. Will the move to Spain be a new beginning for them all?

Although this book is set over the course of a year it has a really summery feel to it with its Spanish setting. Rondilla, where Casa Maria is, is based on Ronda in the hills high above Marbella. It’s a place I’ve visited a couple of times myself and I felt that the author really captured the beauty of the town. Her…

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