Smorgasbord Guest Writer – Part 4: The Problem with Erlkings by Horatio Grin

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Welcome to today’s post by Horatio Grin. However much we might like to belief in fairies or their various visitations, it is very difficult to prove their existence when history has been repeatedly scrubbed of any tangible evidence. This is true of the fairy overlords.. The Erklings who science has found lacking. However, Horatio takes us on a journey to potentially restore them to glory.

Part 4: The Problem with Erlkings by Horatio Grin

The first fairies were the offspring of early modern humans and Neanderthals, whose developed frontal lobes indicate telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Fairies are telepaths and cast glamour – an illusionary spell to make an object look different. But glamour does not satisfactorily account for all instances of fairy magic. Sometimes not only the appearance, but also the substance, of an object changes and telekinesis seems the most likely explanation.

Telekinesis is the ability to move…

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