Indie Author Friday: Deek Rhew #IndieAuthor #satire #thriller #suspense @DeekRhewBooks

Deek Rhew is featured on Indie Author Friday on the Books and Such blog

Books and Such

Today is Indie Author Friday and Deek Rhew is here with two books to share.  Deek loves getting to know his characters, and it sounds like he’s created a doozy of a villain in 122 Rules.  I have to agree with Deek – I love a good bad guy.

A federal assassin grows a conscious just when he’s about to pull the trigger.

He has decision to make: Finish his assignment, or follow his gut and save his quarry.

Read #122Rules to join the fray

Birth of an American Gigolo

If you’ve even been betrayed.

If you’ve ever been cheated.

If you’ve ever wanted to serve up a can of whoopass on someone that desperately deserved it

but never got the chance…

It’s time for you to get the revenge you so truly deserve.

A Husband.

A Mistress.

A #WifesRevenge

Get your revenge.



What character in…

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