Historical Saturday: Review: “The Winchester Goose” by Judith Arnopp

Check out the book, The Winchester Goose, by Judith Arnopp, as featured on Writer Christoph Fischer’s blog


Arnopp 3I’ve been a big fan of Judith’s writing for some time and regret that I so rarely get the time to read. She has a large body of work and I yet have to find one novel that didn’t blow me away.
The Winchester Goose is no different. I was fortunate enough to catch a sunny break in the garden and indulge in this historical treat.
The book is an excellent story told in an intriguing and compelling way: Different narrative strands introduce us to the characters of this novel, all acting in the London of Henry VIII, observing the wider political developments and the gossip at Court while going through their own life-changing adventures.
Winchester Goose is a term coined for prostitutes and one of the narratives focuses on this young woman, having to make a living to feed her younger siblings. The author does a splendid job at…

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