Give In To The Feeling by Sarah Zama

Check out the book, Give in to the Feeling, by Sarah Zama, as featured on Megan Morgan’s blog

Megan Morgan

Today I’m hosting Sarah Zama and her paranormal historical romance Give In To The Feeling. Sarah is a regular visitor to my blog and we met through the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, so I’m super excited to have her here today! Take it away, Sarah!

She calls it being true to herself. He calls it betrayal.

Chicago 1924

Two years ago, Susie arrived in America, leaving behind her little village in South China where spirits mingle in the mists of the rice fields and play at being human; where the expectations of a daughter are unimportant and ignored.

After her prospective husband dies, she is taken on by his younger associate, Simon, who gives her the carefree life of the New American Woman; the freedom to dress daringly and do things once only reserved for men–drinking, smoking and dancing with strangers. It’s an exciting life…

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