Secrets of the Italian Gardener by Andrew Crofts

Check out the book, Secrets of the Italian Gardner, by Andrew Crofts, via Linda’s Book Bag blog

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italian gardener

I’m so pleased to be starting the launch celebrations for Secrets Of The Italian Gardener by Andrew Crofts.

Secrets Of The Italian Gardener was published by Red Door on 11th June 2017 and is available for purchase here.

Secrets of the Italian Gardener

italian gardener

Mo, the wealthy dictator of a volatile Middle Eastern country, enlists a ghostwriter to tell his story to the world and enshrine him in history as a glorious ruler. Inside Mo’s besieged palace the ghost forms an unlikely friendship with a wise and seemingly innocent Italian gardener who slowly reveals that the regime isn’t all it appears to be. As a violent rebellion threatens all their lives the ghost struggles to cope with a personal secret too painful to bear.

Secrets Of The Italian Gardener takes the reader on a heart-pounding journey through the bloody downfall of a doomed tyrant in the company of a young…

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