Book Review: My Name is Nobody (A Wilde and Vine Thriller), by Matthew Richardson

Check out this review of the book, My Name is Nobody, by Matthew Richardson, from the little Bookness Lane blog

Little Bookness Lane

Publisher: Penguin

Publication date: 13th July 2017

We don’t deal in right or wrong. We deal in advantage and disadvantage.

The intrigue of the old-school cipher trumps 21st century cyber in My Name is Nobody, which offers a timely, wholly relevant peek behind the scenes of security challenges affecting the world at large, and events much closer to home. Complex action thrillers are all well and good but it was refreshing to see a strong storyline combining classic methods to confront a contemporary menace.

Government operators are caught up in the covert Parliamentary machine acquiring intelligence, reacting to impossible situations, and fending off early indications that something in the machine is very, very wrong. It’s just a matter of identifying exactly what that something or someone is.

It’s Solomon Vine who is unofficially recruited to carry out this impossible task. Although currently suspended from duty, this talented spy…

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