7 Tips to Making a Fictional Sport: Mouth Guard Not Included

Here are some great tips from Charles Yallowitz from his Legends of Windemere blog with tips on making a fictional sport in your writing.

Legends of Windemere

Last year, I made a post about various sports and activities that can be done around Windemere.  From what I can tell, I never went into any advice or tips or comedy about how to design fictional sports.  One reason is because I don’t really know what I’m doing here.  Another is that nobody asked.  The third is that I didn’t consider it until now when I was looking for a post idea.  So, here we go!

(Side Note:  My first time uploading a video clip that isn’t from YouTube.  Got it off Vimeo and there was a download option.  Watch this backfire.)

  1. It helps to base it off something real.  This can be a professional sport like baseball or a game like tag.  Others take an even easier path by taking a real activity and adding tons of extras too it.  For example, take racing and put in weapons…

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