Writing for Emotional Impact

Check out this great post from Steven Capps on the topic of writing for emotional impact

Steven Capps

Hey guys, I know this post is a day late but since I am still teaching summer school, it has been hectic. I am currently outlining a short story that I pretty excited about, and I am finishing up the last couple scenes of my fourth novel. I sent in my recording for the audiobook this last weekend, though I am fully expecting to have to re-record because of an annoying background hiss. Maybe, the audio engineer will be able to take care of it.

This week I wanted to talk about the idea of writing for an emotional impact and one strategy that you can use in order to achieve that result. Since I don’t have much time, this might be short, but I will do my best to explore with adequate depth.

Writing for Emotional Impact


Emotional impact is usually one of the last things that I work…

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