Review: “Singled Out” by Jane Lawford

Check out this review of the book, Singled Out, by Jane Lawson, from Christoph Fischer’s blog


I’ve had the pleasure to meet Julie at last year’s Bloggers Bash and seeing her again this year reminded me that I still had her book on my kindle. This weekend’s sunshine provided me at last with an opportunity to indulge in this very accomplished novel.
What I’m talking about is a very well-written thriller set during a holiday trip to Turkey, catering to single holiday makers. You might immediately assume that this is chick lit territory, but that would do the character depth and writing style grave injustice. While certainly appealing to female audiences this novel doesn’t limit itself to pure light-hearted romantic interests but visits darker sides of the dating game and crime.
Using alternate narrative strands and voices we get insight into the characters, but we’re shown enough to be drawn deep into these characters.
Things are not as they seem and while you have an incling…

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4 thoughts on “Review: “Singled Out” by Jane Lawford

  1. Hi and thanks so much for reblogging Christoph’s lovely review of my novel, Singled Out. I’m thrilled he enjoyed the read and I can’t help but forgive that he got my name wrong in the headline… it’s actually Julie, not Jane! Whatever the headline, I really appreciate the boost the circulation of positive reviews gives my story. Thank you 🙂

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