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Check out this review of the book, Dear Mr. Kershaw, by Derek Philpott, from the Shelley Wilson Author blog.

Shelley Wilson Author

Book Review

Title: Dear Mr Kershaw: A Pensioner Writes

Author: Derek Philpott

Category: Humour/Music

My Rating: 5 Star

philpott-book-imageMy Review:

I spotted this book on Gary’s Fiction is Food blog where the author, Derek Philpott was a guest on the Author Spotlight feature. You can read Gary’s post HERE.

Immediately, I was drawn in by Derek’s story and the unfolding hilarity which eventually became the book, Dear Mr Kershaw. In short, Derek and his friend Wilfred took it upon themselves to write a letter to a large number of pop stars pointing out the errors in their song lyrics.

It sounds like a magazine editor’s nightmare, however, in a fantastic twist of fate the pop stars began writing back! Eventually, Derek was being contacted by agents and managers wanting to know why their act hadn’t received a letter.

Dear Mr Kershaw is a compilation…

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