Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT Dear Internet: It’s Me, Avery by @JenAmmoscato #RomCom

Check out the book, Dear Internet: It’s Me, Avery, by Jen Ammoscato, as featured on the Rosie Amber blog

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Today’s team review is from Jenny R,

#RBRT Review Team

Jenny has been reading Dear Internet: It’s Me, Avery by Jennifer Ammoscato

Dear Internet: It's Me, Avery (Avery Fowler 2.0 Trilogy Book 1) by [Ammoscato, Jennifer]

Book review by Jenny Reeve

Dear Internet, it’s Me Avery by Jennifer Ammoscato

Chick Lit, humour

I have to give this book a 5 star rating without a doubt!  Jennifer Ammoscato’s writing is modern and very witty.  I cannot wait to read parts two and three.

Avery, a rather modest journalist who is actually better than she gives herself credit for, has to face the wrath of the evil new boss, Victoria. Picture the wicked witch of the west, Cruella de Vil, your Mother in Law…….then you can visualise Victoria.  Everything seems to be going wrong for Avery this year.  After realising that her husband is having an affair, she is obviously devastated and turns repeatedly to Clementine (her virtual friend) from for advice in her topsy turvy life.

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