Mystery Mondays Review: “Never to be Ignored” by H A Dawson

Check out the book, Never to be Ignored, by H.A. Dawson, as reviewed as part of Mystery Mondays from Christoph Fischer’s blog


517S6Lh5oEL.jpgToday I have a special treat: A book that truly swept me away, and by surprise, too. I’ve read several of H A Dawson’s thrillers in the past and absolutely loved them. But this is definitely my favourite. The psychological tension drips from every page from the word go, long before I even understood what the plot was going to be like. Some writers just have that talent to keep you interested, almost as if they could quote from the phone book and you’d still be paying attention. It’s a gift.
The narrator in this novel, nurse Shona concedes some fascinating thoughts and details about her life, such as the relationship to her late father, whom she lost at the tender age of 5. I’m a big fan of psychology but not always of psychological thrillers.
Dawson brings in a lot of analytical insight into her narrator, through own reflections…

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