How To Take A Coffee Break Like A Writer #MondayBlogs #ASMSG #Writer


Ever wondered how a writer takes a coffee break?

Are you curious about what happens after a writer checks the clock, smiles, puts all writing tools down and races off for a well-earned coffee break?

Ever thought about what goes through a writer’s brain during a coffee break?

Don’t panic. Here at BlondeWriteMore we have the answers.

The coffee (or tea) break is one of the key events in a writer’s day.

It can be a make or break point for the writer ANDtheir creative project.

For some writers it can be the event they look forward to, more so than doing some writing. *Sigh*

Here are some useful and handy tips on how to take a coffee break like a writer:

  1. Multi-task whilst writing – type and keep a close eye on the clock. Writers learn to touch type early on in their career so they can keep their…

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