Hide & Seek – Part Four

Here is part four of Lucy Brazier’s Hide and Seek, from her Porter Girl blog.

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Somersby Hall was exactly the sort of English country home of which Poirot was so fond. Many of the original features were present, from the stepped gables and finials to the ivy covered buttery walls that stretched along the far side of the sweeping approach. As Captain Hastings artfully trundled the Delage D6-11 along the driveway, Poirot noticed carefully tended verges boasting bluebells, campion and yellow archangel. The afternoon air was thick with sunshine and mingled floral aromas that were very different from that of Poirot’s beloved London.

Hastings pulled up right before the main door, firmly of the belief that a car such as the Delage could be parked in any place he deemed fit. Despite his Belgian companion’s protests to the contrary, he knew that Poirot was tickled pink to be making such an auspicious arrival.

Heaving the handbrake into the locked position, Hastings was eager to attend…

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