The Black Bitch and other Tales – The Waterford Cinemas by Geoff Cronin

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

The Waterford Cinemas 1920s by Geoff Cronin

When I was a boy there were three cinemas in Waterford, ‘The Cinema’ in Broad Street, The Theatre Royal, popularly known as the Town Hall as the latter was in the same building on the Mall, and The Coliseum on Adelphi Quay. If I remember correctly films were shown at night and there was a matinee on Saturday in each of these venues. No films were shown on Sundays and during the seven weeks of Lent when all cinemas and dance halls closed down completely.

When I became interested, at about four years old, the price of admission to a matinee was four old pence in the stalls and two pence in the gallery, also known as ‘the gods’ or ‘flea hill’ depending on the venue. My first films were all silent and the procedure was that the dialogue would appear in print…

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