Saturday Sale – 17th June

Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

Don’t forget that on my thriller A House Without Windows will be just CDN$ 1.79 for the rest of June.

Click here to read a preview.

Dr Beth Nichols thinks she has been held captive by Edwin Evans for about 8 or 9 years now. Amidst her grief she often looks back and thinks about her fiancée Liam; theirs was the greatest romance of all. She lays awake at night staring at the one light bulb that is never switched off, and prays that he is still out there somewhere searching for her…

From 22nd – 29th June the German version, Ein Haus Ohne Fenster will be just $0.99 / £0.99.

German House Without Windows plus Awards resized.jpgWorldwide Link.

Die schwangere Ärztin Dr. Beth Nichols weiß nicht, dass sie von ihrem Ex-Patienten Edwin Evans verfolgt wird, als sie eines Abends von der Nachtschicht im Krankenhaus nach Hause geht. Nachdem sie betäubt wurde, wacht sie in…

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