Meet Guest Author, Katrina Mountfort…

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Hi, I’m Katrina and, like many writers, the idea of talking about myself fills me with horror but I know the importance of putting myself out there so here goes …

I grew up in Leeds and, as a shy child, often retreated into fiction. The worlds I created in my head were kinder than the school playground. Then came secondary school, and a dry, dull English teacher who thought that neat handwriting was more important than creativity. At the same time, chemistry was taught by a mad nun who liked showing off the most explosive chemicals in her collection; safety standards were less stringent in the seventies! Explosions or handwriting … it was no competition.

And so I was lost to science, but the writing dream never went away. I’d tell myself of all the bestselling authors who didn’t get published until they were seventy, and thought I’d maybe…

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