Indie Author Friday: K. Matt #IndieAuthor #GraphicNovels #fantasy #horror

K. Matt is the featured author on the Books and Such blog

Books and Such

It’s finally Friday!  Today’s guest is K. Matt with her collection of graphic novels blending urban fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, with a bit of humor and plenty of action – sounds perfect to me.  Aren’t these covers striking and vivid?

Dr. Spencer Abbot has been searching for the ideal anniversary gift for his wife. When he and his friend Travis meet a woman that claims she can help, they accept.  The pair are led to Visions Studios. But instead of the boudoirs photos they’d intended to get, they stumble upon something far more sinister: snuff films.  Before long, it’s up to Travis to resolve their situation, no matter what tries tog et in his way.
This first installment of the Hell Bent series blends urban fantasy, sci-fi, horror, a bit of humor, and plenty of action.
It’s been 5 months since the Visions Incident. 5 months since the

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