Historical Saturday Review: “Under the Approaching Dark” by Anna Belfrage

Check out this review of the book, Under the Approaching Dark, by Anna Belfrage, from Christoph Fischer’s blog


41IE6x-KIhL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgI’ve become a close friend of Kit and Adam de Guirande over the run of this series and enjoy seeing the world at court through their eyes. They bring distance to the events of 1327 in some ways while being fully involved in others. It’s a winning formula that allows excellent prespective to all political and historical events depicted.
The imprisonment of Edward II and the crowning of a very young Edward III provide the setting for this story. The issue of the Scottish, of Mortimer’s interference and the tensions in the entire Kingdom provide the outer framework.
Gifted author Anna Belfrage weaves in the characters with their great personalities, paints the picture with excellent descriptive details and shows the tragedy and human element in all that happens.
Anna Belfrage knows her subject in and out and reading her historical notes at the end is always informative.
Having watched “Edward…

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