What Do All Good Writers Have in Common?

Here is a great post from the Painting with Light blog on what all good writers have in common.

Painting With Light

All the best, most creative and colorful writers on the planet do two special things, every single day of their lives.

They Write
Growing and improving as a writer takes practice. Lots and lots of practice. The kind that only comes from writing daily.

It also involves soliciting and incorporating feedback you can trust, from people who can evaluate your words objectively and provide honest input … “This part confused me,” or “I found the unusual character names distracting.” (Thank you, Judy).

They Read
I’m not talking about a casual reading of the Sunday newspaper headlines, or picking up a magazine article once in great while. Reading is not something good writers only do on rare occasions. Quite the contrary. To be a really good writer requires lots of reading.

Tons of it.

Every. Single. Day.

I’m always surprised when I hear an author-wannabe make a comment like, “I’m not…

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