Review: “The Art of the Book Fair” by Graham Watkins

Check out this review of the book, The Art of the Book Fair, by Graham Watkins, from Christoph Fischer’s blog



I must say that I had my doubts that I could learn much from a book about book fairs, having organised a few and having participated in many. I read the book more out of curiosity than out of a feeling that I needed to improve my sales or presentation techniques.
Well, I’m not afraid to admit that I was very wrong.

As the latest review on Amazon puts it, the book is
“a short but well thought-through introduction to book fair participation, aimed at authors new to the book fair circuit. There’s much more to this than sitting on your table and waiting for the books to sell, as Watkins rightfully point out. He gives an insightful reflection on the whole purpose of book fairs from the author’s perspective and then lists a lot of excellent ideas how to get the most out of it….”

I agree with the…

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