A Few Author Tips From Taylor Stevens

Check out these helpful tips from Taylor Stevens as featured on Dan Alatorre’s blog.

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

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I listened to a podcast by New York Times Bestselling Author Taylor Stevens recently and I picked up a few D’OH items.


Like, Oh yeah, not everyone knows this…

Just a few things to know and try:

  • Many readers don’t know you can give an eBook as a gift.
  • If you are giving my book as a gift, let me know and I’ll send you a hand written card for that person to give with that gift from me, the author, that is customized to them.
  • Librarians recommend books, so get to know them.
  • Ask your readers to ask their librarians to carry the book. Librarians buy books, then lots of people can read them.
  • Write a review where you bought the book.


This is a pretty good podcast – and I NEVER listen to podcasts, so if I’m recommending it, it must…

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