What’s a Fiction Book Proposal?


So, you’ve written a novel. And then you’ve rewritten it. And rewritten it again. Beta-readers and editors have been through it with a fine-toothed comb, and it’s as ready for publication as it will ever be. So you’ve sent out query letters to agents, hoping to find one to represent you to the publishing houses. Now what? You write a fiction book proposal.

fiction-book-proposalBecause agents and publishers are busy important people with busy important things to do, and they’re not going to read your complete, unsolicited, over-the-transom manuscript just because you asked them nicely.

Honestly, they don’t care about you and your literary aspirations. They have car payments and mortgages and kids and spouses, same as other people. They have things to do. So unless they want to do you a favor, they’re going to toss your complete manuscript onto the slush pile to be read…

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