How to Use Gumroad To Create Multiple Streams Of Income From Your Book

How To Ebook

A truly independent author does not rely on one product, one retailer, or one stream of income.|


Because what if that one stream dries up? 

That’s why I emphasize the importance of developing multiple streams of income for author-entrepreneurs. Direct sales from your website are one possibility, and although I personally choose to use, there are other options. 

In today’s article, Amy Young explains how authors can use Gumroad.

Like many of you, as a student of Joanna’s diversification philosophy, I agree with her.

Agreement, however, did not lead to immediate action and at first, I didn’t think I could diversify my income by creating products related to my book.

However, I was wrong, and if you remain on the lookout for multiple streams of income, you will find them.

Multiple Streams of Income

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