Keep the Conversation Going: #FreeBook giveaway~ The Beauty of the Fall by @marcellor #RBRT

Check out this giveaway of the book, The Beauty of the Fall, by Rich Marcello, from Barb Taub’s blog

Barb Taub

Take a breath. The rest of the chorus will sing.

AmericanNewsX reports here that this was actually posted on Facebook by Aimee Van Ausdall before going viral

You’ve probably seen the post-election post about pacing the conversation for the long haul. Sometimes it’s attributed to Michael Moore, or Madonna, or others. But it was actually written by Aimee van Ausdall, a mother, feminist, and most recently, activist who says, “I realized that we could all drag each other down, or lift each other up, and that I wanted to be lifted and to help with the heavy lifting.”

A few months ago, I reviewed author Rich Marcello’s book, The Beauty of the Fallhere. He’s back today as guest blogger, and has an incredibly generous offer. Rich writes,

Hi there,

My name is Rich Marcello and I’m the author of three novels––The Color of Home, The Big Wide…

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