Winning Dr. Wentworth by @RebeccaHeflin American college sports #Romance #wwwblogs

Check out this review of the book, Winning Dr. Wentworth, by Rebecca Heflin, as featured on Rosie Amber’s blog

Rosie Amber

Winning Dr. WentworthWinning Dr. Wentworth by Rebecca Heflin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Winning Dr Wentworth is a college sports romance set in Georgia, America.

Shelby Wentworth has returned to small town Sterling after a messy divorce, and has taken an assistant professor’s job as she tries to rebuild her life.

Nash Taylor is a former NFL Quarterback; now retired after an accident, he is the head coach of the Sterling University Bobcats. Back in their youth, Shelby, Nash and current college Dean, Ethan, were an inseparable trio.

Shelby had a crush on Nash which she never forgot, and when she runs into him again the spark is still there. However, it is her sports statistical knowledge that looks like it will be more useful to her current financial predicament than her feelings for a lost love.

A quick easy read for fans of the romance genre who enjoy a twist…

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