Vampire & Single Part 11 – The Vampire Ball #ASMSG #Paranormal #Vampire


Welcome to my weekly series – Vampire & Single.

The story of Sasha, the ordinary twenty something girl who never wanted to become a vampire. In this serialised story she tries to come to terms with her new life and her physical transformation. She also learns she is no ordinary vampire.

Last week Sasha saved Henry from the clutches of evil Viktor and Emily revealed her true feelings for Sasha.

Here is part 11:

I am standing against a Manhattan hotel suite window, staring up at the sultry evening sky. Swollen grey clouds are gearing up for a storm. Henry is insistent I catch the first glimpse of the impressive lightening show, which he claims, is seconds away.

“Why are we here?” I ask, feeling his strong arms loop around my waist and his icy breath on my neck.

When we left London Henry instructed me not to ask any…

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