The Importance Of A Hardcore Protagonist In Mystery Writing [Mystery Month]

Check out this great post from Rachel Poli’s blog on the importance of a hardcore protagonist in mystery writing

Rachel Poli

One major decision every author has to make when writing their novel is, “Who is the protagonist?”

It seems like a simple answer, really. You have a plot and you need someone to get out there and fulfill it.

Shall this character be a boy or girl? What do they look like? What’s their personality like? How would they react in certain situations?

All those questions describe a character. Not a protagonist.

Make Your Protagonist Matter | Mystery Writing

Since it’s Mystery Month, we’ll talk about choosing the right protagonist in mystery novels.

However, when it comes to writing any novel, you have to ask yourself…

Why does this protagonist matter?

When thinking about a protagonist, you need to ask yourself: Will this character fit well into the story? Does this character wholeheartedly care about the plot? Will this character be affected by the plot if something good or bad happens?

Protagonists tend to be…

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