Book Review: Warlock Holmes (Book 2) – The Hell-Hound of the Baskervilles by G. S. Denning

Check out this review of the book, Warlock Holmes Book 2 – The Hell Hound of the Baskervilles, by G.S. Denning, as featured on the Little Bookness Lane blog

Little Bookness Lane

Publisher:  Titan Books

Publication date:  16th May 2017

Never on this earthly plane would I have thought I could encounter what I have just experienced at 221B Baker Street.  But the game is afoot a hoot, and it is most satisfyingly odd.

As the great fictional detective is reduced to a rotting corpse with the ethereal ability to solve crime, a carnival of reinvented Conan Doyle short stories are combined to propel us toward a sorcerous crusade. Rather than provide a quick resolution to a problem, when Warlock Holmes’ unique talent manifests itself it generally makes matters much worse before they get better.

Unresponsive and ‘unofficially’ deceased Holmes is not causing any further trouble, other than reeking out his rooms. Watson is keen to conceal his friend’s demise for fear of eviction or conviction, as the bachelors are in arrears for their rent which is payable to Mrs Hudson…

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