Before the Fall: Book Review

Check out the book, Before the Fall, by Noah Hawley, from the Reflections and Nightmares blog

Reflections and Nightmares- Irene A Waters (writer and memoirist)

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This is a highly readable book by Noah Hawley. The story told starts on a foggy night when a private jet with some very influential and important people, their wives and two children, an artist on the road back from alcoholism and the air crew on board, took off from St Martha’s Vineyard with the destination being New York. Somewhere during the flight it crashes. The only survivors we know of are the artist and a four year old boy. We flash back to each passenger and their life before the fall and return to the survivors and their life after the fall. It was suspense at its best.

Before the Fall  While most of his writing was lyrical some jarred. There were numerous examples of telling, not showing and this, I found, annoyed me greatly. Why did he need to, at the end of the…

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