Barb’s secret ninja method to declutter everything. (Except linen closets.) You’re welcome. #humor #SundayBlogShare

Check out this great post from Barb Taub for her take on de-cluttering.

Barb Taub

Several friends are reorganizing their lives according to Organizational Empress Marie Kondo’s dictates. It’s an intense discipline. As a teenager, Marie Kondo’s OCD obsession with tidying up was so consuming, she actually blacked out. While unconscious, she heard a voice proclaiming the tenets of her new organizational system. (Don’t judge: she’s a multi-millionaire today thanks to those voices.)

Only two skills are necessary to successfully put your house in order: the ability to keep what sparks joy and chuck the rest, and the ability to decide where to keep each thing you choose and always put it back in its place.”
― Marie Kondō, Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up

There are two reasons why this would never work for me. First, of course, is the whole hearing-voices-while-unconscious thing. Except for certain pharmaceutically-enhanced occasions which we’ll skip over, my only other unconscious experience involved a…

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