Who Killed Christopher Goodman? by Allan Wolf

Check out the book, Who Killed Christopher Goodman, by Allan Wolf, from Rachel Poli’s blog

Rachel Poli

Who Killed Christopher Goodman? by Allan Wolf | Book ReviewTitle: Who Killed Christopher Goodman?
Author: Allan Wolf
March 2017 by Candlewick Press
Genre: Young adult mystery
How I got the book: I bought it


Everybody likes Chris Goodman.

Sure, he’s kind of weird. He wears those crazy bell-bottoms and he really likes the word ennui and he shakes your hand when he meets you, but he’s the kind of guy who’s always up for a good time, always happy to lend a hand. Everybody likes Chris Goodman, which is why it’s so shocking when he’s murdered.

How could a thing like this happen?

My Review:


I bought this before I even thought to read it for Mystery Month. The title caught my eye and when I read the summary, I was sold.


This book follows multiple first-person points of view of a group of six high school kids. We see how they interact with each other…

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