Indie Author Friday: Stephen Morris #IndieAuthor #fantasy #paranormal @StephenNYC1

Stephen Morris is featured in this edition of Indie Author Friday from the Books and Such blog

Books and Such

Today we welcome Stephen Morris to Indie Author Friday.  Stephen shares some thought-provoking writerly advice about villains, and mentions a cookie blend I’ve never heard of – but am excited to try.

“Libahunt!” Alexei breaks the terms of the wolf-magic he inherited from his grandfather and loses the ability to control the shapeshifting, becoming a killer and slaughtering his neighbors, his friends — even his family. His grandfather’s magical wolf-pelt was meant to protect their rural village in 1880s Estonia by fighting the terrible storms in the sky that could devastate the farms and fields but instead it drives Alexei to kill with impunity. Heartbroken at what he has become, Alexei flees his home and wanders through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Bohemia. He encounters the Master of Wolves who forces him to terrorize local farmers and the infamous Frau Bertha with her belt of sailor-skin to trap those who anger…

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