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Charlie's Promise by [Allan, Annemarie]

Charlie’s Promise by Annemarie Allan is a book for young readers (age around 8-12) and follows young Charlie and his friend Jean as they try to help a boy they find hiding in the woods near their home. The boy, Josef, is filthy and starving and can’t speak any English, He gives the children a scrap of paper with an Edinburgh address on it. Although they don’t understand Josef, they know that they need to try to help him get to this address and Charlie promises to help him.

The author has created characters that I think her young readers will really relate to. Charlie is a bit of an outsider, with his lame foot meaning he can’t always keep up with the other boys. Jean is a feisty character and I liked that she was a Baird (like me!) so imagined her as some distant cousin. They are both…

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