Patchwork Plotting: My Awful Process of Writing a Draft

Here is another great post from Steven Capps. This one discusses his process for writing a draft.

Bard & Books

If you’ve been here before, I’m assuming you’ve noticed the change. I used to use Libretto for this blog (because I freaking loved how it looked like parchment) but I noticed that it had started glitching and cutting off the first, few words of each of my posts. This appeared like I was making a weird typo. Since I couldn’t find a way to fix it, I decided to change themes and explain all of this to you (gestures around as if your chilling in my living room).

Anyway, I am getting ready to start an extremely busy summer, so my posts my get a little shorter for the next couple of weeks, but I will keep posting at least once a week. Also, June 30th is the Writer’s Toolkit Giveaway so if you wanted to get entered for a chance to win a bunch of awesome books from Writer’s…

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